Modern & timeless Design

Anyone can do simple.

Our loudspeakers are planned and developed using the latest software.
The production is done where necessary with high-precision CNC milling under the lowest tolerances.

Anyone can do plastic.

Our loudspeakers and horns are consistently manufactured in solid wood to the highest standards.
Sound colorations due to cabinet resonances are reduced to an absolute minimum.

You can hear that!

Made in Germany - everything in house

The complete scientific development as well as the technically demanding production has always been carried out under one roof. Of course, this always presents us with great challenges, but offers at least as much freedom for alternative thinking and promotes innovative approaches.
All in all, this approach allows us to guarantee you a consistently high quality of the end product - right from the very first step.

Perfection to the smallest Detail

" Craftsmanship perfection & one of the most beautiful of all arts - a symbiosis that has fascinated us since time immemorial."
We are a family business from the heart of Baden Württemberg with the claim to produce outstanding sound furniture in every respect - Simply as if it were our own forever - No more and no less.
Our focus is on detail, on the search for perfection from the choice of materials to the finish.

Sustainable use of resources

Environmental protection concerns everyone!

In general, we pay strict attention to using only products that are absolutely harmless to health.
We obtain all of our raw materials directly from certified manufacturers.

We support reforestation projects within the framework of our foundation.

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