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LMH - eTrak Horns

Elliptical Tractrix horns made of solid wood.

The reference!

No resonances - no discoloration - wider sweet spot.

Spherical-elliptical midrange-tweeter horns of the highest quality, manufactured from solid wood in a process specially developed by us.

Computer optimized - CNC milled - handmade. State of the Art.

Specially manufactured for you and individually adapted to your needs.
    Spherical Tractrix horns made of solid wood. Absolutely low resonance - no more horn sound!

    Whether in natura or elaborately stained and then sealed - you will be amazed!

    Made especially for you and individually adapted to your needs.
    • Best raw material in AA quality (beech or birch multiplex knife veneered, biologically glued, others on request).
    • Professional processing in carpenter quality in our in-house manufacture in Stuttgart on specially developed high-performance milling machine.
    • In general, we pay strict attention to using only products that are absolutely harmless to health, such as organic waxes & oils.

    • Absolutely low resonance through uncompromising use of materials, especially at critical points of the almost ideally suited for this natural material beech.
    • Brilliant mids & highs far beyond the hearing limit (with suitable driver).
    • True Tractrix opening formula.
    • Approx. 15% larger sweet spot than normal spherical horns.
    • Choice of 1", 1.4", 1.5" or 2" driver connection. Also available for cone drivers / full range drivers and dome mid / tweeter drivers - please specify desired size separately when ordering.
    • Available both as a straight tapered version for flush mounting and rounded on the outside for 'on top' mounting.
    • Adapter plate for driver mounting integrated in the horn contour, no jumps in the horn contour.
    • Delivery includes all necessary mounting material.

    Designs & Colours
    Our solid wood horns are available in these colors.
    The blank is here zünachst deep dyed and then sealed.
    For eternity.

    Versions & Sizes
    Available in two versions.

        Built-in version:

    • Standart:


    The version indicates the cutoff, i.e. the lower cutoff frequency. We recommend the use from approx. fc x >1.5 to achieve a frequency response as linear as possible.

    Version / Size Depth ca. (@ 1"/2") Cutoff (fc)
    Weight ca. (Beech MPX / pc)
    14cm 12cm / 7cm 100Hz 1kg
    20cm 17cm / 12cm 750Hz 2kg
    30cm 28cm / 20cm 550Hz 5kg
    40cm 38cm / 29cm 350Hz 9kg
    50cm 50cm / 40cm 300Hz 14kg
    60cm 59cm / 45cm 270Hz 22kg



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