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LMH - The La Scala

Kickbass horn with bass extension socket.

By now already legendary - our La Scala. Modern & contemporary implemented.


    • Available both as a high-potency stand-alone subwoofer or as bass in high-efficiency multi-way systems.
    • Removable 'Bass Extension' bass reflex base with variable tuning frequency by room adjustment supports highly effective in the contra-octave range between 30 - 50Hz.
    • Complete construction of 30mm beech multi-layer panels for absolute low resonance. Optionally available in 15mm birch PA edition.
    • Active DSP control optional.
    • Approx. 103dB efficiency, approx. 30-800Hz.
    The Bass


    • Body design of the highest quality 30mm beech / birch multi-layer panels in the best AA quality (sliced veneer) guarantees absolute low resonance even at the most brute levels.
    • Elaborate Lamello gluing for additional stability. Hand-made milling and fitting. All edges, also in the horn course, are rounded to match the flow.
    • Rampa sockets for driver mounting.
    • Almost unlimited veneer combination possibilities - also optically an unmistakable unicum.
    • In general, we take great care to use only products that are absolutely harmless to health.
    The Horn
    Can be combined with our 60cm/80cm rTrak or 50cm sTrak / eTrak wooden horns in the treble range.

    Designs & Veener
    You can choose from an almost limitless selection of high-quality real wood veneers.

     Our solid wood horns are available in the following colors.
    The blank is first deep dyed and then sealed.
    For eternity.

    DSP / Crossover
    LMH - DSP Systemamp. Fully configurable incl. room correction.
    Passive crossover on request taking into account your room & personal preferences.


    • 103dB efficiency @ 30-800Hz (+-6dB with bass reflex base)!
    • Transition bass to midrange-tweeter: 500Hz (rec.).
    • Plug in and enjoy: perfectly matched with our LMH DSP amps.
    • Handmade in Germany with dedication and sense for detail from European beech multiplex in best quality.
    • Various designs available for customization. Unique.
    • Dimensions: WxHxD (approx.): 65cm x 97cm (+ MHT horn, incl. base approx. 30cm ) x 64cm.
    • Weight: approx. 50-90kg per pc.
    • Unit price.


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